AsafB. Goldfrid

Asaf, a multi-talented stage and screen actor, entrepreneur and innovative cyclist is hailed as a fitness visionary leader. He brings over 20 years of hands-on experience to the fitness industry specifically in programme development and seamless member experience.

He is internationally in demand as the “go-to” wellness professional, and has been the featured educational speaker at over 50 fitness-professional conventions.

Reflecting Asaf’s personality, his talks are energetic and creative. Refreshing his audiences to reshape their perspectives and colour their thinking so that they leave full of new ideas. He also teaches strategies for successful and efficient club management, marketing and structuring outstanding member experience practices. His breadth of experience in branding gives his audience unique and innovative tools to reach new markets, build fitness buzz, generate PR and excite existing members.

In 2012, recognising a gap in traditional cycle programmes, Asaf co-founded MOi Cycle, an Aspen-based boutique cycling company. The company’s focus is the systematic development of intelligent and innovative indoor cycling rides for fitness facilities, as well as, altitude training plans for outdoor cyclists. In 2014, his work was featured in both Club Solutions Magazine, and Club Business International Magazine.

The History Channel offered him the starring role of Jesus in Mankind: The Story of All of Us. Filmed in Morocco and over two years in the making, this global series was broadcast simultaneously in over 150 countries, and in more than 30 languages.

An avid pescatarian and environmentalist, Asaf’s humour and warmth is matched only by his devotion to wellness education and his industry-leading programmes and practices.