Your SOMA training this week

Speed training is used by athletes to give them an advantage over their competitors. Build explosive power and the ability of the body to respond quickly and masterfully and you succeed at crossing the finish line first. Whether novice or professional, speed training helps you build better agility and mastery of quick functional movement.

Read on to understand the logic behind your SOMA training this week.

What is speed training? 

Speed training is used to build quickness and explosive power. It involves the increase in muscle power through both speed in beginning and finishing a movement. We try to use explosive force behind each repetition which improves the athletic need to do quick power movements or get ahead in a race scenario.

Our TRX, Barre and Cycle classes will provide exercises or drills that increase agility and speed in movement and exercise technique. The power and fast twitch muscle ability increase over time as well. Several exercises in speed training involve the addition of weighted resistance or speed enhancers to force fast twitch muscles into overdrive, past the normal point of exertion that normal exercises cause.

The benefits of speed training:

  1. Assists in fat loss
  2. Increases the power and fast twitch ability of  muscles
  3. Increases your agility in movement and ability of body to respond to exercise stress
  4. Through exercises like jumping, skipping or hopping motions, athletes gain better performance and  muscle memory for “game time”.
  5. Build muscles too difficult to target through other training methods
  6. Improves ability to accelerate

So why you are doing classes this week, notice how your body feels different than the previous three training weeks. It is the culmination of the work you have done so far. And notice how something like a bicep curl is done differently albeit an intervals, strength, endurance or speed week.