At 45, Duncan Coombe is a teacher, researcher, author and advisor. He also knows to look at the big picture. After joining SOMA House 6 months ago, Duncan feels stronger and faster than any other time in his life, and has the results and data to prove it. We met him for a chat after his Saturday morning routine of SCC Cycling and Hot Detox 26.

What’s your weekly workout routine?  I try and get in about 5 workouts a week. Saturday is a big one for me, with 2 back to back classes. The rest of the week is a combo of cycling, hot yoga and TRX. I travel a lot so it’s less “routine” and more about being flexible with my training. Saturday mornings though are my ritual!

Describe your training philosophy.  I try to remember that it’s about my long term health and wellness more than short term goals. Training is for life, not for my ego.

What would you say is your top secret for committed training?  Have I ever regretted training? Not once. Have I ever been less than enthusiastic before a session? Many times! The secret…JFDI!

It’s a place where good people gather and train hard.

Dr. Duncan Coombe

What is the best part of your SOMA experience?  I love the seriousness of the place. The concept, the founders, the coaches, the other participants. Not serious as in, “I’m not fun” way, but in a “we are here to work and to take that seriously” way. Also, we are developing a real community and it’s great to see familiar faces.

What is the hardest part of your SOMA experience?  The intensity – there is no such thing as a chill workout.

Biggest fitness challenge so far.  I just wish I could lock in my fitness for a few weeks…with all my travelling, I often feel like I’m starting over again, which can be frustrating. Also, with travel, staying disciplined with sleep and nutrition is a challenge.

Your biggest achievement so far.  I’ts a big picture thing…I’m super happy that at 45 I feel stronger and faster than any time in my life, and have the results and data to prove it.

Which class challenges you the most?  Double classes are the killer!

SOMA House, in your own words.  SOMA House is for the committed amateur athlete who is looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness, backed up by science and professionalism. It’s a place where good people gather and train hard.