Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? The SCC 12-Week Season Improver Plan is suitable for a variety of athletes with the common end goal of completing a 100 kilometre (60-mile) sportive or ride. To follow the plan, members should already be capable of riding for at least one hour. If members have already followed this winter’s SCC Pre-season Plan, this is the perfect progression.

It is also ideal for cyclists who ride regularly but haven’t followed a structured training plan before or who are returning to the sport after a bit of a lay-off. If members are currently fit and active, doing at least three 60-minute bouts of exercise a week, but not necessarily a cyclist, this is also the plan for them.

How many sessions? The 12-week plan is broken down into three rides: three mid-week, or two mid-week and one at the weekend. Members have four days when they are not riding. One of these will always be a rest day and the others can be used for hot yoga, or for core strength and flexibility.

The 12-Week Season Improver Plan includes:

  1. Twin Training
  2. Glutes Activation
  3. Eliminate ‘Dead Spots’
  4. Adaptation to Training
  5. Higher Cadence Recovery
  6. Quads Activation — Seated
  7. Gradual Cadence Increase
  8. Push Peak Power
  9. Improve Ideal Cadence
  10. Gradual Increase In Training Load
  11. Ride Out Into a Headwind And Home In a Tailwind
  12. Maximum Sustainable Heart Rate

There is also the option of an extra session at the weekend for fitter or more advanced riders. However, our priority should always be the quality of the three main sessions and, if taking the extra session impacts your plan performance, our advice is not to force it.

Is it all cycling?

No. We highly encourage cyclists to take at least 3 Hot Yoga, Barre or TRX Yoga Core classes to get stronger off the bike. Although optional, cyclists should make Hot Yoga a part of their training routine, as it will benefit their riding. It helps to prevent boredom, provides options if you are unable to ride and builds all-round injury preventing robustness.

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