Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? The Spartan Club 12-Week Training Plan is suitable for a variety of athletes with the common end goal of increasing general athletic fitness including strength, endurance and speed through the use of body suspension training.

It is also ideal for hot yogis or others who are hyper mobile and need to build strength to have integrity and stability of the joints. And given we work only with body resistance, you will build true core strength needed for activities like yoga as well as running, boxing, crossfit and weight-lifting.

How many sessions? The 12-week plan is broken down into four type of classes so you work like an athlete with a different focus each week. We go through intervals, strength, endurance and speed.

The weekly classes build and then on the weekend we have our extended master trx classes which are 55 minutes. Spartan members are encouraged to double up on the weekend.

We also have our Spartan Running Club every Saturday at 10am. This means you can get a run in and then come back to the studio and work your strength in the master trx class at 11am.

Spartan Club 12-Week Training Plan includes:

  1. INTERVALS: Twin Training (Rope masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  2. STRENGTH: Maximum Strength for Upper Body & Legs (Parallettes masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  3. ENDURANCE: Muscular Endurance (Rings masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  4. SPEED: Adaptation to Training (Rope/parallettes/rings masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  5. INTERVALS: Slow-twitch Muscle Training (new tools/method onwards)
  6. STRENGTHL Quads & Core Strength
  7. ENDURANCE: Speed Endurance
  8. SPEED: Push Peak Power
  9. INTERVAL: Fast-twitch Muscle Training
  10. STRENGTH: Gradual Increase in Training Load 
  11. ENDURANCE: Even Power Distribution through the Body
  12. SPEED: Maximum Sustainable Heart Rate

Is it all TRX?

No. We highly encourage our Spartan athletes to combine hot yoga, cycling and barre to cross-train and work flexibility as well as mind training with the heat.  The combination of cycling especially is great for any triathletes.