~’tis the season to kickstart a stronger, healthier mindbody~

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Commit to doing (at least) 30 classes in 30 days.

What does that mean? It means that if, like the rest of us, you plan to party with friends and family this holiday season, take (at least) 30 classes in 30 days starting Thursday 1 November.

Here’s how it works: The Winter Challenge goes from Monday 5 November until Tuesday 4 December.  Your challenge is to do a minimum of 30 classes by midnight 4 December. You are to mix classes up to receive the best of the SOMA Fusion cross-training method.

If you are experienced, do the SOMA “Double Up”, which means back to back classes for optimal training.

The current record holder is Stephanie Hall with a whopping 70 classes in 30 days.  However, if your schedule does not allow this, then simply do 30 classes in 30 days.

How do I know how to train? Choose your main goal for one month. It doesn’t have to be about competing. Everyone can participate whether it’s about building more strength, achieving mindbody discipline, seeing if you can top your last record or simply having the commitment to de-stress and find calm for the winter season. It’s for all levels and all appetites.

Who’s keeping score? We have our SOMA Leaderboard which will track the number of classes we all take and update the results in real-time.

Get connected. Join on the sociable vibe and stay engaged with challenge posts, daily pics and inspiring quotes.  The Interactive Leaderboard will keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest posts. Just add #somahouse for it go live.

Remember the Winter Challenge 2018 isn’t about overworking and fighting your body, it’s about trying new things, re-focussing on your goals and discovering what your body is truly capable of and what makes you feel good.

I’m In – Sign Me Up!

Non-Members –  You will need our Clubhouse Monthly Unlimited ♛ membership to complete the challenge. Under 27? Click here ♛. It comes with 2 guest passes each month, so get your friends to come along with you!