Barbara Brunner, SCC Coach


Growing up in the Italian Alps, Barbara has always been incredibly active. She has one of the most youthful, contagious and adventurous spirit you’ll ever meet, and this will empower you to try and conquer any goal you deemed impossible to do.
Practicing anything from traditional team sports to athletics, she has vast experience in cycling, gymnastics, mountaineering, skiing, rock-climbing and surfing. Fifteen years ago she discovered a passion for endurance sports like triathlon and ultra running and she has completed anything from a Sprint to Ironman distance making Top 10 in her age group as well as multiple marathons and mountain ultras.
From an early age her interest has always been the study of human body on all levels and she dedicated herself completely to it for the past 30 years both as a multi-athlete as well as a student of clinical medicine, sports science, alternative therapies and mental health.
Barbara has developed her own innovative approach to helping others achieve a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds and their ability to performa at a level they never could have believed possible. She works as a Lifestyle Performance Coach (Trademark) on an international level.