Set goals. Then demolish them.


SOMA House co-founder, Jennifer Hersch shares her unique Barre method grounded in the New York City Ballet style of movement which focuses on speed, agility and quick jumps. Experience hard athleticism mixed with artistry for a long, lean and strong body.—with our trademarked scientifically designed high intensity workouts that offer a new alternative to HIIT training for men and women.

You will jump more, sweat more and experience more HIIT training than any other Barre class you’ve taken before.


“I created our barre method for men and women equally to show that dance athleticism is one of the most effective functional training systems out there…at 42, I have never been in better shape.”

-Jennifer Hersch, SOMA founder

We care about exposing students to real dance music so our lists vary from classical ballet to more modern tunes. We want our members to learn about dance as an art form on top of getting a great workout and this involves knowing music from famous world ballets and dance pieces.

Athletic, high-energy, HIIT barre work to amp up your heart rate and sculpt lean muscles. This workout targets muscles in your arms, thighs, glutes and abs to the point of fatigue. Room warm to add fitness benefits. Go barefoot or bring socks.
This is a full body cardio workout using classical dance technique to build long, lean muscles. You will work like a real dancer to achieve the dancer body. All levels.
Experience the first barre class using TRX ropes instead of barres. This challenges your core, balance, strength and endurance. Athletes use it to train different muscles groups. Especially great for cyclists, runners and footballers.
On the weekends our SAB has extended classes to perfect technique and give club members a greater challenge.