SOMA Academy of Barre: 12-Week Season Training Plan

Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? 

The SAB 12-Week Season Plan is suitable for complete beginners to professional dancers with the common goal of building on authentic dance technique to increase your overall fitness level and obtain the dancer physique.

It is also great for cross-training as our male and female athletes use our barre method to balance and train different muscle groups while still being challenged both in terms of cardio and endurance.

Current members will build on their knowledge as we introduce new barre moves to progress your technique.

How is it structured? 

The 12-week plan is broken down into three type of weekly classes – Barre Ballet Blast, Barre TRX for Athletes and Barre Whipped – then concludes on the weekend with our SAB Ballet Barre Master class every Saturday at 12:30pm. This is a culmination of what you worked on during the week. We also go more in-depth with actual ballet technique. Expect to sweat and burn in all classes.

Overall, our barre programme follows the same training plan as our cyclists and total trx athletes so you can easily cross-train across disciplines. At SOMA, we specialise in cross-training so our classes fit together like a perfect puzzle.

SAB 12-Week Season Plan includes:

  1. Twin Training
  2. Glutes Activation
  3. More Efficient Posture for Jumping
  4. Adaptation to Training – challenge your muscle groups
  5. Quicker movements, less muscle use
  6. Adductor Activation
  7. Speed endurance – move quicker for longer
  8. Power Jumps
  9. Balance big movement with small movements
  10. Gradual Increase in training load
  11. 3 Part Endurance
  12. Improve Maximum Heart Rate

What new moves will I learn?

We will introduce new ballet jumps and foundational ballet steps that connect jumps so we can advance what members have already been learning.

Is it all Barre?

No. We highly encourage barre athletes to take at least 3 Hot Yoga classes a week to increase flexibility and work strength in a compatible way with barre. Yoga, unlike other weight training methods, will build the right muscle groups for dancers. You can also do our signature TRX Yoga Core classes to build flexibility and strength at the same time.

For those who need more cardio training, fit in 1 SCC ride a week to get the your cardiovascular system going even more and see how the cyclists do the same training we are doing.

 Summer Beginners’ Ballet Course –  June 2, 9, 16

For those who want to learn how to do an actual ballet class, SOMA founder, Jennifer Hersch will lead a 3 week beginners’ ballet course on Saturdays from 1:30-2:45pm. This immediately follows our SAB Master class should students want to double up.

It’s a great chance to really learn proper technique.


SOMA Cycling Club: 12-Week Season Improver Plan

Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? The SCC 12-Week Season Improver Plan is suitable for a variety of athletes with the common end goal of completing a 100 kilometre (60-mile) sportive or ride. To follow the plan, members should already be capable of riding for at least one hour. If members have already followed this winter’s SCC Pre-season Plan, this is the perfect progression.

It is also ideal for cyclists who ride regularly but haven’t followed a structured training plan before or who are returning to the sport after a bit of a lay-off. If members are currently fit and active, doing at least three 60-minute bouts of exercise a week, but not necessarily a cyclist, this is also the plan for them.

How many sessions? The 12-week plan is broken down into three rides: three mid-week, or two mid-week and one at the weekend. Members have four days when they are not riding. One of these will always be a rest day and the others can be used for hot yoga, or for core strength and flexibility.

The 12-Week Season Improver Plan includes:

  1. Twin Training
  2. Glutes Activation
  3. Eliminate ‘Dead Spots’
  4. Adaptation to Training
  5. Higher Cadence Recovery
  6. Quads Activation — Seated
  7. Gradual Cadence Increase
  8. Push Peak Power
  9. Improve Ideal Cadence
  10. Gradual Increase In Training Load
  11. Ride Out Into a Headwind And Home In a Tailwind
  12. Maximum Sustainable Heart Rate

There is also the option of an extra session at the weekend for fitter or more advanced riders. However, our priority should always be the quality of the three main sessions and, if taking the extra session impacts your plan performance, our advice is not to force it.

Is it all cycling?

No. We highly encourage cyclists to take at least 3 Hot Yoga, Barre or TRX Yoga Core classes to get stronger off the bike. Although optional, cyclists should make Hot Yoga a part of their training routine, as it will benefit their riding. It helps to prevent boredom, provides options if you are unable to ride and builds all-round injury preventing robustness.

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Spartan Club: 12-Week Training Plan

Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? The Spartan Club 12-Week Training Plan is suitable for a variety of athletes with the common end goal of increasing general athletic fitness including strength, endurance and speed through the use of body suspension training.

It is also ideal for hot yogis or others who are hyper mobile and need to build strength to have integrity and stability of the joints. And given we work only with body resistance, you will build true core strength needed for activities like yoga as well as running, boxing, crossfit and weight-lifting.

How many sessions? The 12-week plan is broken down into four type of classes so you work like an athlete with a different focus each week. We go through intervals, strength, endurance and speed.

The weekly classes build and then on the weekend we have our extended master trx classes which are 55 minutes. Spartan members are encouraged to double up on the weekend.

We also have our Spartan Running Club every Saturday at 10am. This means you can get a run in and then come back to the studio and work your strength in the master trx class at 11am.

Spartan Club 12-Week Training Plan includes:

  1. INTERVALS: Twin Training (Rope masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  2. STRENGTH: Maximum Strength for Upper Body & Legs (Parallettes masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  3. ENDURANCE: Muscular Endurance (Rings masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  4. SPEED: Adaptation to Training (Rope/parallettes/rings masterclass: Sun 2:45)
  5. INTERVALS: Slow-twitch Muscle Training (new tools/method onwards)
  6. STRENGTHL Quads & Core Strength
  7. ENDURANCE: Speed Endurance
  8. SPEED: Push Peak Power
  9. INTERVAL: Fast-twitch Muscle Training
  10. STRENGTH: Gradual Increase in Training Load 
  11. ENDURANCE: Even Power Distribution through the Body
  12. SPEED: Maximum Sustainable Heart Rate

Is it all TRX?

No. We highly encourage our Spartan athletes to combine hot yoga, cycling and barre to cross-train and work flexibility as well as mind training with the heat.  The combination of cycling especially is great for any triathletes.

Term Week 5: Interval Training

Our Cycling, TRX and Barre clubs have made it through the first 4 week round and get ready to kick off the next 4 weeks with high intensity intervals. Serious athletes use interval training—alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods—to get more results in less time.

Four Scientific Benefits of Interval Training

1. High burn rate of calories during and after a workout
2. Boosts your endurance so you can better sustain long training efforts
3. Increases VO2 Max Potential
4. Good for your heart as it increases flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins

Term Week 4: Speed Training

Your SOMA training this week

Speed training is used by athletes to give them an advantage over their competitors. Build explosive power and the ability of the body to respond quickly and masterfully and you succeed at crossing the finish line first. Whether novice or professional, speed training helps you build better agility and mastery of quick functional movement.

Read on to understand the logic behind your SOMA training this week.

What is speed training? 

Speed training is used to build quickness and explosive power. It involves the increase in muscle power through both speed in beginning and finishing a movement. We try to use explosive force behind each repetition which improves the athletic need to do quick power movements or get ahead in a race scenario.

Our TRX, Barre and Cycle classes will provide exercises or drills that increase agility and speed in movement and exercise technique. The power and fast twitch muscle ability increase over time as well. Several exercises in speed training involve the addition of weighted resistance or speed enhancers to force fast twitch muscles into overdrive, past the normal point of exertion that normal exercises cause.

The benefits of speed training:

  1. Assists in fat loss
  2. Increases the power and fast twitch ability of  muscles
  3. Increases your agility in movement and ability of body to respond to exercise stress
  4. Through exercises like jumping, skipping or hopping motions, athletes gain better performance and  muscle memory for “game time”.
  5. Build muscles too difficult to target through other training methods
  6. Improves ability to accelerate

So why you are doing classes this week, notice how your body feels different than the previous three training weeks. It is the culmination of the work you have done so far. And notice how something like a bicep curl is done differently albeit an intervals, strength, endurance or speed week.


Term Week 3: Endurance Training

Five Benefits of Endurance Training

  1. Creates a stronger, healthier body given muscles, cardiovascular system, bones, joints, and lungs must adapt to a sustained, continuous pace
  2. Enjoy faster metabolism due to more lean muscle mass
  3. Better Mind Discipline as you learn to endure longer periods of focus and concentration overcoming feelings of uncomfortableness
  4. Better Peace of Mind as studies sow sustained exercise increases endorphins in ht body and can have same effect as anti-depressants
  5. Fountain of Youth – Exercise increases production of HGH or Human Growth Hormone connected with anti-aging. All exercise increases HGH, but anaerobic exercise is especially helpful.