The Winner of Le Tour de France Challenge 2018 ~ Jillian Frank

“Looking back on the challenge, the first few days were very clear and then it turns into a blur of rides, climbs and grit.” Read the story behind her journey of 771km to the top / by Jillian Frank

Accepting the challenge:
I decided to accept the challenge to push myself and to see if I could complete the 21 Tour stages in 23 days. I spoke with Asaf to set a distance goal and to keep myself motivated. Based on my prior performance we set a 500 kilometres goal.

I then told all of my friends and family that I was taking part in a Tour de France challenge – this was to make sure that I didn’t quit. Everyone needs motivation to keep going.

Preparing for the challenge:
I checked my calendar to see if there were any days that I would not be able to ride and started planning my rides around my work and personal schedule. There are 13 bikes in the room and I knew that I needed to reserve my rides in advance to ensure that I could do all 21 stages. I was ready to go and reach my goal!

The challenge:
Looking back on the challenge, the first few days were very clear and then it turns into a blur rides, climbs and grit.

The First week: It felt like my normal workout routine only with more cycling. There were several strong cyclists ahead of me and this was the outcome I was expecting. As the first week continued, I continued to ride each stage and do my best. By simply showing up everyday, I had rose to the the top five. Asaf mentioned that I could do a double session on the second Saturday of the challenge (about 60-65km). because I had missed one of the days in the week, I decided to go for it.

I believe this was the turning point in my journey.

The first double session was a weekend class, which meant that I would be on the bike for almost two hours. My husband supported me on the ride and told me I was crazy and he was proud of me. When I completed that Saturday morning ride, I knew I could do doubles during the week as well and exceed my original 500km mark.

The second week, I continued on my schedule, I didn’t take the two rest days and threw in an extra double or two. Barbara encouraged me to take an extra class or two pointing out that I might not be able to ride to the top of the leaderboard with one ride, but two rides would always produce a higher end result. This strategy put me in the lead position for the final week. I wanted to win and I had a network of people cheering me on; other club members and coaches, my family, friends and colleagues. They all knew that I was operating out of my comfort zone.

The final week I set an aggressive schedule. I was cycling everyday until the end and in order to win, I predicted I needed to do five doubles. I was simply trying to go to more rides than my competitors. The coaches gave me advice on how to have ‘rest days’ while still cycling 40 to 50k in a day. I cycled and cycled and cycled. On the final three days I could see the finish line and victory, I was happy and my legs had not given up on me.

There were lows on the journey; wondering if I maintain the schedule, an insatiable hunger, melt down Wednesday of the last week (I was ready to quit).

In the end, I won so much more than first place. I was stronger, more confident and I realised that going outside of my comfort zone only makes me stronger. People who had not spoken with me before wanted to know how I approach the Tour Challenge, others told me they were afraid of the cycling programme (SCC) in the club. This surprised me as I always felt welcome, even when I could not get my cycling shoes out of the clips for the first few weeks. I was a non-cyclist and now want to encourage everyone to come to class (read more reasons why here).

If you are afraid and want a cycling partner, I am in on most Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I’ll be on my favourite bike, number five.

Top 10 Leaderboard:

Official Le Tour de France 2018 Challenge

Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Official Tour de SOMA Challenge!

Saturday 7 July – Sunday 29 July

The Challenge has 21 stages (21 rides) that match this year’s official 21 stages with LIVE coverage of Tour de France.



STAGE 1 ENDURANCE | Flat Saturday, July 7 Noirmoutier-en-l'Île / Fontenay-le-Comte 29km
STAGE 2 ENDURANCE | Flat Sunday, July 8 Mouilleron-Saint-Germain / La Roche-sur-Yon 32km
STAGE 3 RACE DAY | Team Time-Trial Monday, July 9 Cholet / Cholet 35.5km
STAGE 4 INTERVALS | Flat Tuesday, July 10 La Baule / Sarzeau 25km
STAGE 5 STRENGTH | Hilly Wednesday, July 11 Lorient / Quimper 18km
STAGE 6 STRENGTH | Hilly Thursday, July 12 Brest / Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan 21km
STAGE 7 INTERVALS | Flat Friday, July 13 Fougères / Chartres 24km
STAGE 8 INTERVALS | Flat Saturday, July 14 Dreux / Amiens Métropole 26km
STAGE 9 STRENGTH | Hilly Sunday, July 15 Arras Citadelle / Roubaix 19km
- Rest Day Monday, July 16 Annecy 0km
STAGE 10 RACE DAY | Mountain Tuesday, July 17 Annecy / Le Grand-Bornand 20km
STAGE 11 RACE DAY | Mountain Wednesday, July 18 Albertville / La Rosière Espace San Bernardo 21km
STAGE 12 STRENGTH | Mountain Thursday, July 19 Bourg-Saint-Maurice Les Arcs / Alpe d'Huez 17km
STAGE 13 INTERVALS | Flat Friday, July 20 Bourg d'Oisans / Valence 22km
STAGE 14 STRENGTH | Hilly Saturday, July 21 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux / Mende 18km
STAGE 15 STRENGTH | Hilly Sunday, July 22 Millau / Carcassonne 19km
- Rest Day Monday, July 23 Carcassonne REST 2 0km
STAGE 16 RACE DAY | Mountain Tuesday, July 24 Carcassonne / Bagnères-de-Luchon 23km
STAGE 17 RACE DAY | Mountain Wednesday, July 25 Bagnères-de-Luchon / Saint-Lary-Soulan 23km
STAGE 18 ENDURANCE | Flat Thursday, July 26 Trie-sur-Baïse / Pau 28km
STAGE 19 RACE DAY | Mountain Friday, July 27 Lourdes / Laruns 26km
STAGE 20 RACE DAY | Individual time-trial Saturday, July 28 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle / Espelette 30km
STAGE 21 INTERVALS | Flat Sunday, July 29 Houilles / Paris Champs-Élysées 27km

Clubhouse total distance to cover:


What’s my Challenge?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to complete 21 rides in 21 days for the length of the Tour de France 2018. Each ride designed to match the daily stage of the Tour so when they climb, we climb.

The Goal: Ride to the top of the Tour Distance Leaderboard. Our bikes innovative technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. So the more stages you complete, the more distance you cover. But, if you’ve been on a real bike before, you probably know the bigger the gear, the more energy you need to expend, means the longer the distance you ride during each of the 21 stages as well.

Beginners to Pro. Open to all levels so don’t be shy to join! Coaches will give each rider individual goals to achieve over the 3 weeks based on your actual output numbers for each class.

So first, complete the 21 official stages, which we can all do! Then reaching your personal goals and finally, for those cycle enthusiasts, race to the top of the leaderboard.

Our Tour Distance Leaderboard will track who completes the most distance over the 23 days of the Tour Challenge.

How do I join the Challenge?

  • Clubhouse Unlimited ♛ Members. Go to Your Account > click Challenges > Invites > Join. Then reserve a bike in each stage. From your account dashboard you can track your progress and ranking, invite friends, update your picture and view the Tour Challenge Leaderboard.
  • Not a SOMA House Member? No problem! Get the three week Le Tour de SOMA Cycle Pass (£149). The 21 rides come to as little as £7/ride.
  • Upgrade to the Clubhouse Unlimited ♛ Membership. We recommend fusion training in hot yoga, barre and Sparta strength training while here to make you stronger on the bike and keep you flexible. For only another £30 you gain full membership privileges and do all classes.
  • Under 27? You can also do the Tour Challenge on our Special Under 27 Clubhouse Membership (£129/month).  This way you can do all classes and keep going or deactivate after the challenge.

During our recent Official 30-Day Spring Challenge, members completed up to 70 classes (!) in 30 days. That’s as little as £1.70/class.

How do you keep track of the each rider’s distance?

By measuring over 40 different parameters in real-time, we are able to deliver personalised ride sessions based around training zones for individual riders. Effectively, levelling the class ability so everyone can follow the each stage at the right intensity for their cycling ability. At the end of each ride, our smart 55 inch Clubhouse Leaderboard screen will email you your personal ride results, and will update your Tour Challenge distance in real-time.



  • The 21 stages are followed in chart form (samples below)
  • Weekdays stages are 45min and weekend stages are 55min
  • During the week, you will have three opportunities a day to complete each stage: At 7am, 12pm and 6.15pm
  • You can complete a stage twice a day and the extra distance will be added to your Clubhouse account
  • To track your cardiovascular performance with a heart rate monitor during each stage, simply link your HR monitor to your Clubhouse account >
  • At the end of each ride, your results will be emailed to you for personal tracking
  • There will be plenty of treats throughout the Challenge
  • The Tour de France 2018 will be broadcast live on the big screen on the Cocktails Terrace

You can also link your smartphone to the bike and watch all your data in real-time and save it for review later on. Simply download the Wattbike Hub from the app store for your device.

Join Challenge

You can also gift the Challenge to a loved one.

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30-Day Spring Challenge 2018: THE RESULTS


First published: 18 April 2018  Last updated: 1 June 2018

Are you ready to kickstart a stronger, healthier body? Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Commit to doing 30 classes in 30 days.

What does that mean? It means that if you’ve been hibernating like a grumpy old grizzly bear all winter and you’re ready to claim yourself back. Starting Monday 23 April, do (at least!) 30 classes in 30 days.

Here’s how it works: The Spring Challenge goes from Monday 23 April – Wednesday 23 May. Your challenge is to do a minimum of 30 classes by 23 May. Ideally, you would do at least one class every day for 30 days. However, if your schedule does not allow this, then simply do 30 classes in 30 days.

How do I join it?

  • Unlimited Members. Simply click below to login, and select the Challenges tab to join. From your account dashboard you’ll be able to track your progress and ranking, invite friends, update your picture and view the Challenge Leaderboard.
  • Soon-to-be Members. Not an unlimited member yet? You can still join us by clicking here. Get your unlimited £179 membership and do your 30 classes in 30 days (which really means £6/class!), then if you love the new you just keep going or finish your membership after that.

Who’s keeping score? Our brand new, state-of-the-art Interactive Leaderboard will keep track on the number of classes each member takes, and will update the results in real-time.

Get connected. Join on the sociable vibe and stay engaged with challenge posts, daily pics and inspiring quotes.  The Interactive Leaderboard will keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest posts (make sure you tag #somachallenge and/or #somahouse for it go live).

Remember the Spring Challenge 2018 isn’t about overworking and fighting your body, it’s about trying new things, re-focussing on your goals and discovering what your body is truly capable of and what makes you feel good.


Arm Balance Masterclass this Thursday!

Elementals Earth

Arm Balance Masterclass

Thursday 26 April, 7:10pm – 9:10pm

Sunday 22 April marks this year’s Earth Day celebrations. We decided this means it’s the perfect time to build confidence going upside down. Our very own Marianna will lead a 2 hour Elementals Earth masterclass to perfect your technique in those pesky arm balances that you always wanted to know how to do correctly.

Peak Postures covered:

  • crow (Fire)
  • side crow (Fire)
  • eight angle pose (Earth)
  • tripod headstand (Earth)
  • flying pigeon (Water)
  • dolphin (Earth/Fire)

Class Structure:

We begin with a strong grounding flow practice to get the body ready for arm balances. We then will work by breaking down each arm balance. You can ask questions and get hands on corrections with your technique.

You may just find that one simple adjustment makes it suddenly possible! Months of struggle fixed in one correction.

Marianna will then ground you with a closing meditation to make it the perfect end to the evening.


Unlimited Members – Free

Class Packs – Single Credit

Soon-to-be Members – £25

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