Beginners' Ballet Course

~Calling all Barre Addicts~

Beginners’ Ballet Masterclass w/Jennifer

Saturday 9 June, 1:30pm

Beginners Ballet Course. Always wanted to learn ballet? Have our barre classes gotten you interested in taking your technique to the next level?

If you’re looking for a beginners’ ballet masterclass, our clubhouse has it right here. SOMA House founder, Jennifer Hersch, ranked top London Barre teacher, will lead a Beginners’ Ballet Masterclass on Saturday 9 June, 1:30pm-3:00pm following our Barre Academy Masterclass. It’s the perfect jumpstart to you summer by learning how to do a ballet class correctly.

What You Will Learn. Fundamental Ballet technique – Jennifer will teach you the ballet basics so you can take correct technique into all of your barre classes and get more out of them. Many of you still need posture corrections, alignment help, learning how to lift the leg correctly, arm positions, etc.

How to do a Ballet Class. We will take you through a regular ballet class from the barre to center work. You will work just like the dancers at the Royal Ballet!

Short Choreography. You will learn an easy, short excerpt from a famous ballet so you can feel what it’s like to dance and put your technique into action. You already know a lot from our barre classes so it won’t be difficult.

Who is it for? Men and women who always wanted to learn ballet. Great for barre students who want to learn more. Sign-up with your partner and we can learn ballet partner work!

When? Saturday June 9th @ 13:30-3:00pm

*We recommend that you do the Barre Academy class at 12:30pm so you are warmed and ready to go. It also makes even more of a workout for you! It also provides more practice so you will catch on quicker to the ballet moves.

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SOMA Academy of Barre: 12-Week Season Training Plan

Starts 16 April.

Who is it suitable for? 

The SAB 12-Week Season Plan is suitable for complete beginners to professional dancers with the common goal of building on authentic dance technique to increase your overall fitness level and obtain the dancer physique.

It is also great for cross-training as our male and female athletes use our barre method to balance and train different muscle groups while still being challenged both in terms of cardio and endurance.

Current members will build on their knowledge as we introduce new barre moves to progress your technique.

How is it structured? 

The 12-week plan is broken down into three type of weekly classes – Barre Ballet Blast, Barre TRX for Athletes and Barre Whipped – then concludes on the weekend with our SAB Ballet Barre Master class every Saturday at 12:30pm. This is a culmination of what you worked on during the week. We also go more in-depth with actual ballet technique. Expect to sweat and burn in all classes.

Overall, our barre programme follows the same training plan as our cyclists and total trx athletes so you can easily cross-train across disciplines. At SOMA, we specialise in cross-training so our classes fit together like a perfect puzzle.

SAB 12-Week Season Plan includes:

  1. Twin Training
  2. Glutes Activation
  3. More Efficient Posture for Jumping
  4. Adaptation to Training – challenge your muscle groups
  5. Quicker movements, less muscle use
  6. Adductor Activation
  7. Speed endurance – move quicker for longer
  8. Power Jumps
  9. Balance big movement with small movements
  10. Gradual Increase in training load
  11. 3 Part Endurance
  12. Improve Maximum Heart Rate

What new moves will I learn?

We will introduce new ballet jumps and foundational ballet steps that connect jumps so we can advance what members have already been learning.

Is it all Barre?

No. We highly encourage barre athletes to take at least 3 Hot Yoga classes a week to increase flexibility and work strength in a compatible way with barre. Yoga, unlike other weight training methods, will build the right muscle groups for dancers. You can also do our signature TRX Yoga Core classes to build flexibility and strength at the same time.

For those who need more cardio training, fit in 1 SCC ride a week to get the your cardiovascular system going even more and see how the cyclists do the same training we are doing.

 Summer Beginners’ Ballet Course –  June 2, 9, 16

For those who want to learn how to do an actual ballet class, SOMA founder, Jennifer Hersch will lead a 3 week beginners’ ballet course on Saturdays from 1:30-2:45pm. This immediately follows our SAB Master class should students want to double up.

It’s a great chance to really learn proper technique.