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Our understanding of the human body has changed dramatically over the last decade. New cutting-edge technologies, targeted training methods and the very latest discoveries in our own human genome, SOMA House CoachBar™ takes a closer look into your body, the way it operates and how it changes over time.

Recognising a gap between traditional fitness classes and science, Dr. Theo Koutroukides — a biotechnology scientist, hand-picked a series of tests to help you discover more about how you are “programmed”. Your strengths and weaknesses (Genetics),  your ability to move in a specific way (Biomechanics) and to track how your body is changing (Body Composition).

Take a closer look.

Take a deep-dive into yourself and discover your genetic markers. Guided by a simple saliva swab, the variant you hold in each marker is known as an allele. Depending on which variation you possess we can report on the strength of its association: strong, medium or no association at all.
The CoachBar™ Genetics test reveals everything from your response to power vs. endurance exercise to a detailed breakdown of your micronutrient needs, and it help you understand how your individual genetic profile may affect your health and fitness choices.

Move in the right direction.

Using a series of physical tests that have been developed and recognised by sports scientists, the CoachBar™ Biomechanics test is able to assess your overall fitness level and offer a better understanding on the way you move, irrespective of the physical activity you do.
The CoachBar™ Biomechanics test doesn’t measure how good you are at a specific sport. It measures your main core skills and allows you to understand how physically fit you are. These measurements are therefore “non-sports specific”. That means that whether you are a ballet dancer or a rugby player, you share the same core skills.
These are Motor Sensory Control, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Speed Ability, Cardiovascular Health and Recovery.
Case Study

Michael O., 41 YEARS OLD

Michael is a city runner who has recently joined SOMA House to improve his fitness level and shed some body fat in the process.

The CoachBar™ Biomechanics test supports Michael’s claim as a runner. His lower body endurance is his best result, followed closely by lower body strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness.

From his results, we can see that Michael’s focus area should be around his upper body strength and endurance. Also, Michael’s explosive power and speed ability falls below the average and may require attention. In his case, his SOMA Performance Coach will prescribe a training plan with a greater focus on Elementals SPARTA φ and Barre Les Athlètes classes.

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100 is age/gender average

Take a screenshot.

The CoachBar™ Body Composition scan gives you a detailed breakdown of what your body is made of. Going beyond your bathroom scale, the scan breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. It also describes weight more accurately than BMI.
The CoachBar™ Body Composition scan takes a “Screenshot” of your body composition at the beginning of your training plan, and accurately tracks changes in fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage as you train. It offers validation, encouragement and, if necessary, optimisation, so you know all the hard work you put in translates directly to results.
Complimentary for Clubhouse Unlimited ♛ members.
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