The best rides are the ones that give results.


SOMA Cycling Club (SCC) rides have been developed by SCC Director, Asaf B. Goldfrid. Building on his breadth of experience in cycling, group exercise and programming, Asaf designed a unique library of over 300 rides that feature structured session in a range of different training zones, cadences, power/watts and %HR, which vary depending on the weekly focus. SCC gives members Measurable Results as they ride at different intervals of efforts and free rides   — anywhere from 75% to 98%.


We believe details bridge the gap between a workout and an experience. Our four signature rides are a skilful production where we celebrate mountains — big and small, and valleys — wide and long. Our in-house DJ/producer and a global team of hungry Music-Hunters make sure we’re always riding to the latest and greatest pieces of music. Transitions are harmonious, clean and carefully crafted around tempo and key. Precisely timed audio cues will alert and prepare you for the next stage of your ride. Whether we ride at 65rpm or 105rpm, this unique approach fuse the ride and music together so beats, pedal strokes and minutes match perfectly.


Targeted, effective training requires precise, accurate data. With over 10 years working alongside British Cycling, Olympic Cyclists and world-leading sports scientists, our bikes are redefining indoor cycling. Ultra robust, they stand up to training sessions from the world’s most powerful athletes. Incredibly accurate, they ensure you make the most of your ride every time you step into the studio.


Download the Wattbike Hub from the app store for your device.

More metrics. More motivation.

By measuring over 40 different parameters and feeding it all to your personal bike computer, we are able to deliver personalised sessions based around training zones for individual members. Effectively levelling the class ability so everyone can follow the ride at the right intensity for their cycling ability.

You can also link your smartphone and save the entire ride data.


The music and ride content changes weekly to keep it fresh and progressive. This provides an amazing journey of contrasts and we celebrate all genres of music from pop to rock, country and techno, latin, and finally the power of EDM and groove. Our members love it! It¹s spiritual, tough, result-oriented and focuses on measurable results which does not exist in any other cycle program currently out in the UK in this concept and total package.