[bgsection pex_attr_title=”CYCLE” pex_attr_subtitle=”Performance Cycling at its best. Our Wattbike based workouts are for members who want to have fun while also experiencing authentic cycling. We work in 12 week programmes and all members can track their ride stats. All coaches are road cyclists. Our method incorporates cross-training with hot yoga, Pilates, barre and strength work for riders to be strong on and off the bike. ” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-dark” pex_attr_bgcolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”2b2b2b” pex_attr_textcolor=”2b2b2b” pex_attr_height=”” pex_attr_cssclass=””]Benefit from Periodisation Training used by the pros. After your zone test, we work in 4 week blocks: 1. Cycle Base 2. Cycle Build. 3. Cycle Specialise 4. Cycle Recover.[/bgsection]

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