The SOMA CYCLING CLUB (SCC) aims at swooping you into the wonderful world of cycling and its basic principles of training, no matter how inexperienced or advanced you are as a rider! Born out of a complete passion for cycling, adventure and sport science it is the beginning of a comprehensive journey that will hopefully inspire you to pick up a bike one day, venture out there feeling confident and tell your own amazing stories.

All our RIDES are exclusively designed based on some of the greatest rides, climbs and race courses around the world so that you get a small taste of what is really out there! Our overall goal is to create a fun, educational and inspirational playground for everyone who wants to either progress as a rider or give cycling a go. We want you to leave each ride feeling like you’ve learned, tried or discovered something new.

"Cycling is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life and community that revolves around friendship, fun and self-improvement so don’t be shy, join the SCC and start your journey now! Your next 12 weeks will consist of a wide variety of workouts, all designed to help you train both physically and mentally".

Barbara Brunner



ides will change every single day and you’ll be able to tackle and practice CLIMBS, RACE COURSES + TRACK CYCLING skills. We will work on developing your pedalling, efficient climbing position, pacing in a race and so much more!​


ntensity is how we refer to our strength training, which consists of a combination of PILATES + CALISTHENICS + KETTLEBELL classes. This type of training is often overlooked by amateurs and yet it plays a huge role in helping you develop a great BASE and prevent injuries.​


etoxing and Recovery are the time where your body actually grows stronger. So we’re not going to put SLEEP on the timetable 😉 but we are going to tell you that YOGA is an excellent way to STRETCH + SLOW everything down.​


levate is the practice of learning to consciously push past our limits. Limits are personal walls we build for ourselves because we fear what’s on the other side and want to feel “safe”. In order to GROW you absolutely need to break these walls.​

Tempted to dare something new?


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