Elementals EARTH 🜃

Our slowest, deep flow where we focus on holding postures longer to build grounded, balanced strength; simply put, to be able to stand firmly on two feet no matter what life throws your way.

The series designed to help people with neck issues, tight shoulders and hips as well as building the necessary integral strength for inversions. Learn to activate muscles and then go deeper into poses. You leave feeling like you had a great physio session.

Discover WATER

Elementals WATER 🜄

Experience a continuous watery flow using the secret of spiral, circular movements which allow for greater freedom through the body and creates space in the joints. Mastery of the Water element allows for greater internal and external strength built on softness. The aim is to master the set sequence each term and eventually meditate and enjoy simply flowing like water. 

Members currently working on our choreographed sequence to piano music and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. 

Discover FIRE

Elementals FIRE 🜂

Experience our radiant fusion of power hot flow + Pilates. Our Fire flow focuses on building core strength, power and vitality. The Fire element relates to the heart and is said to circulate blood and provide the spark of life. You will learn 36 yoga postures—those focused on core strength, twists to detoxify and help burn out impurities and inversions—integrated with Pilates work.

Unique to our method, the barre is used as a yoga prop to help students deepen stretches, correct alignment and better balance.

The choreography changes each term. Come along and experience our tango-inspired hot yoga sequence which students are currently working on.

Discover SOUL

Elementals SOUL ☉

Signature 45 minute class using dance-inspired hot flow combined with Pilates sculpting and core work. Enjoy freedom of learning to move and benefit from training different muscle groups especially the core. Members who love barre and hot yoga, dancers and non-dancers, SOUL flow is an experience for everyone.

This term, it’s a flamenco inspired hot flow. Learn a unique yoga sequence that teaches you poses while also teaching you flamenco moves and rhythm.

Discover SPACE

Elementals SPACE 🜁

This is our warm yin-inspired class to de-stress, find calm and peace using Chinese medicine and meridian theory to experience myofascial release. We work on the floor with bolsters to bring softness to your postures and meditative calm to your mind. The teacher also gives hands-on massage to release tension. It is a great class to do on days when you need to shut out the world and recharge.

Great for non-training days to rebalance the body.