[bgsection pex_attr_title=”KIDS” pex_attr_subtitle=”Our clubhouse includes activities for our young SOMAites to support members who have kids. Some classes scheduled so parents can do classes at the same time. We also have a great outside terrace area with bean bags so kids can enjoy food and healthy smoothies while parents sip on cocktails in casual, fun environment. Room for prams and running around. ” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-dark” pex_attr_bgcolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”2b2b2b” pex_attr_textcolor=”2b2b2b” pex_attr_height=”” pex_attr_cssclass=””]


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