Build peak strength, power and endurance.


Forget random classes. Instead, we designed a training plan to take you through intervals, strength, endurance and SPARTA race workouts.

Cross-training opportunities – You work the same weekly focus as our cyclists and barre athletes which means you can easily incorporate cross-training at the club. Classes are schedule to allow for TRX classes to be combined with hot yoga, barre or cycle. We even have a running club so you can run before TRX on Saturdays.


Work through a series of low to high intensity TRX workouts to master aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise and strength. Serious athletes use interval training—alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods—to get more results in less time.

Four Scientific Benefits of Interval Training

1. High burn rate of calories during and after a workout

2. Boosts your endurance so you can better sustain long training efforts

3. Increases VO2 Max Potential

4. Good for your heart as it increases flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins

It’s time to build muscular strength as well as mind strength. This class will test your limits both mentally and physically. It follows the week of intervals to “shock” the body in different kind of movement which in turn works the body most efficiently.

After intervals and strength, we move to endurance – what is your capacity for long, sustained efforts albeit it cardio or strength? This class will improve both cardiovascular and muscular endurance which is great for all athletes or novice students.

Get ready to put all the work together from the previous weeks and see how fast you can go. We work reps and cardio speed like a TRX race.

TRX Running Club – Our weekends are dedicated to our weekend warriors. Take the extra challenge with a Saturday morning run in Shoreditch straight into TRX.

Buddy System

Those who train together, stay together. Our classes work in teams so bring your friend or partner along to sweat together. It’s a great way to meet new people and feel the community of the House.