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The artistry, the power, the transformation.


“Every term I am very excited to introduce new creative sequences for Elementals, our creative flow method designed to complement Bikram and our Anatomē series.  You will enjoy new sequences for Fire, Earth, Water, Soul and Yin while also having those “aha” moments in our Anatomē classes as each teacher takes you on a slow flow journey into the “how” of backbending and balancing hips from her own perspective.

And of course Bikram Hot Yoga is always there as your metronome, your base practice to litmus test where your mind and body are on each given day. It’s always the same postures but never the same practice. In 20 years of Bikram Hot Yoga, I never had two classes the same proving there is only ever change even in the concept of stillness;  a moment of observation that moves on with a forever renewing point of departure.

Reflection – As you flow through each class, think about how each class works the body differently to optimise the therapeutic benefits with different movement patterns. The SOMA Hot Yoga method came about from my own injuries and the realisation that I needed to combine different ways of moving to heal chronic pains and fully make hot yoga a lifetime practice.

And of course music is integral to our method as we bring you experiential medicine through sound, breath and the artistry of emotive expression.  

I offer this SOMA system to you hoping you feel the same transformations in our hot yoga sanctuary.

Enjoy reading about the new additions below and see you soon in the hot room either as your teacher or fellow student sweating, discovering and moving.”

– Jennifer Hersch
SOMA co-founder, creative director and head instructor.

Elementals Water.

Working with the deep meditation music by Max Richter, this term I wanted an exploration into a slow continuous movement that leaves space for the in-between moments. A sequence that leaves space for students to reflect, feel the body and interpret the music with the breath in movement. What happens when you are not rushing from movement to movement, but need to connect your yoga postures like a fine piece of silk? It’s reverence for self-inquiry.

Elementals Fire.

Fire combines Hot Flow with Hot Pilates to create the appropriate core strength and balance for all yogis. It’s also great for people who love Pilates but also want to move. This term we focus on different yoga drills including our yoga float throughs where we better our technique in floating from such poses as Boat Pose to plank. 

Elementals Earth.

I worked with Hot Yoga and Ballet coach, Maddy on this term’s sequence which is our slow grounding series for finding the right core and muscle activation in a yoga practice while marrying the breath and slow holds for mental and bodily endurance. EARTH always feels like a great physio session with the added healing benefits of calming the mind.

It’s a sense experience that begins with the burning of the sacred palo santo wood used in many ceremonies to cleanse your energy and promote grounding. 

Elementals Soul.

Hot Flow Soul is one of my favourite classes to teach. I think of it as SOMA’s best kept secret for those who dream of doing a great hot dance flow. I keep the moves simple so all levels can follow. It’s an opportunity to take the concept of a yoga flow to the next level. This term, we will start with a main choreography to Chris Stapleton’s “Whisky and You“. The 45 minute class begins with a hot flow and then we end with Pilates sculpting. It’s a great way to end your Tuesday nights from 7:15pm-8:00pm. 

4 Week Beginner’s Hot Yoga Course.

with Dr. Vanessa & Lydia

I highly recommend attending at least one of these workshops to learn good hot flow form. In teaching classes, I see so many students who need help with correct alignment in such postures as the Warriors and especially chaturangas! You will learn the basics of floor and standing postures as well as how to go upside down. Every Saturday in March from 2-3:20pm. Read More.

New Class! Anatome Hot How Hips.

with Dr. Soledad

I wanted to offer another Anatomē class that complements the Anatomē Backbends so we created a hips focus given the connection of hips with backbending. The anatomē classes are artistic slow flow classes that intelligently work with a particular anatomical focus to help students understand the “how” of hip balance or backbending. All levels. Wednesdays at 7:15am and 10:30am. Book.

Rise & Shine 10:30am classes here.

We have had request for mid-morning classes in the week so enjoy hot yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am.

£10 Community Hot Yoga classes.

Our recent SOMA Teacher Training graduates want to share their talents with you and the community. Come enjoy their internship classes on Mondays/Thursdays at 10:30am and Saturdays at 2:15pm. Open to members and £10 for non-members.

Treatments at SOMA.

Members often forget that rejuvenation is part of your yoga and balancing the yang and yin in your life. Book a Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Restorative Massage or Classic Massage with one of our teachers who are also therapists.  I love doing a class and then getting a treatment afterwards!


PT’s with our Hot Yoga teachers.

Did you know that our teachers offer privates in hot yoga? Some members use their own coach to better technique, go through a flow 1:1 or for healing stress relief with a teacher guiding them through a personalised Yin, meditation and massage.

Hot Yoga Retreat in July.

You asked for a hot yoga retreat and this year it’s here! Dr. Vanessa and Hassan team up to offer you the best of yoga, meditation and the Mediterranean come July. Double up and come for cycling, bootcamp or barre too.

Hot Yoga Teacher Training 2020.

Applications now open!

We just announced our next teacher training from 2 October – 5 December. Plan your life now so you can enrol if you qualify. Early bird special available.

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