Official Le Tour de France 2018 Challenge

Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Official Tour de SOMA Challenge!

Saturday 7 July – Sunday 29 July

The Challenge has 21 stages (21 rides) that match this year’s official 21 stages with LIVE coverage of Tour de France.



STAGE 1 ENDURANCE | Flat Saturday, July 7 Noirmoutier-en-l'Île / Fontenay-le-Comte 29km
STAGE 2 ENDURANCE | Flat Sunday, July 8 Mouilleron-Saint-Germain / La Roche-sur-Yon 32km
STAGE 3 RACE DAY | Team Time-Trial Monday, July 9 Cholet / Cholet 35.5km
STAGE 4 INTERVALS | Flat Tuesday, July 10 La Baule / Sarzeau 25km
STAGE 5 STRENGTH | Hilly Wednesday, July 11 Lorient / Quimper 18km
STAGE 6 STRENGTH | Hilly Thursday, July 12 Brest / Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan 21km
STAGE 7 INTERVALS | Flat Friday, July 13 Fougères / Chartres 24km
STAGE 8 INTERVALS | Flat Saturday, July 14 Dreux / Amiens Métropole 26km
STAGE 9 STRENGTH | Hilly Sunday, July 15 Arras Citadelle / Roubaix 19km
- Rest Day Monday, July 16 Annecy 0km
STAGE 10 RACE DAY | Mountain Tuesday, July 17 Annecy / Le Grand-Bornand 20km
STAGE 11 RACE DAY | Mountain Wednesday, July 18 Albertville / La Rosière Espace San Bernardo 21km
STAGE 12 STRENGTH | Mountain Thursday, July 19 Bourg-Saint-Maurice Les Arcs / Alpe d'Huez 17km
STAGE 13 INTERVALS | Flat Friday, July 20 Bourg d'Oisans / Valence 22km
STAGE 14 STRENGTH | Hilly Saturday, July 21 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux / Mende 18km
STAGE 15 STRENGTH | Hilly Sunday, July 22 Millau / Carcassonne 19km
- Rest Day Monday, July 23 Carcassonne REST 2 0km
STAGE 16 RACE DAY | Mountain Tuesday, July 24 Carcassonne / Bagnères-de-Luchon 23km
STAGE 17 RACE DAY | Mountain Wednesday, July 25 Bagnères-de-Luchon / Saint-Lary-Soulan 23km
STAGE 18 ENDURANCE | Flat Thursday, July 26 Trie-sur-Baïse / Pau 28km
STAGE 19 RACE DAY | Mountain Friday, July 27 Lourdes / Laruns 26km
STAGE 20 RACE DAY | Individual time-trial Saturday, July 28 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle / Espelette 30km
STAGE 21 INTERVALS | Flat Sunday, July 29 Houilles / Paris Champs-Élysées 27km

Clubhouse total distance to cover:


What’s my Challenge?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to complete 21 rides in 21 days for the length of the Tour de France 2018. Each ride designed to match the daily stage of the Tour so when they climb, we climb.

The Goal: Ride to the top of the Tour Distance Leaderboard. Our bikes innovative technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. So the more stages you complete, the more distance you cover. But, if you’ve been on a real bike before, you probably know the bigger the gear, the more energy you need to expend, means the longer the distance you ride during each of the 21 stages as well.

Beginners to Pro. Open to all levels so don’t be shy to join! Coaches will give each rider individual goals to achieve over the 3 weeks based on your actual output numbers for each class.

So first, complete the 21 official stages, which we can all do! Then reaching your personal goals and finally, for those cycle enthusiasts, race to the top of the leaderboard.

Our Tour Distance Leaderboard will track who completes the most distance over the 23 days of the Tour Challenge.

How do I join the Challenge?

  • Clubhouse Unlimited ♛ Members. Go to Your Account > click Challenges > Invites > Join. Then reserve a bike in each stage. From your account dashboard you can track your progress and ranking, invite friends, update your picture and view the Tour Challenge Leaderboard.
  • Not a SOMA House Member? No problem! Get the three week Le Tour de SOMA Cycle Pass (£149). The 21 rides come to as little as £7/ride.
  • Upgrade to the Clubhouse Unlimited ♛ Membership. We recommend fusion training in hot yoga, barre and Sparta strength training while here to make you stronger on the bike and keep you flexible. For only another £30 you gain full membership privileges and do all classes.
  • Under 27? You can also do the Tour Challenge on our Special Under 27 Clubhouse Membership (£129/month).  This way you can do all classes and keep going or deactivate after the challenge.

During our recent Official 30-Day Spring Challenge, members completed up to 70 classes (!) in 30 days. That’s as little as £1.70/class.

How do you keep track of the each rider’s distance?

By measuring over 40 different parameters in real-time, we are able to deliver personalised ride sessions based around training zones for individual riders. Effectively, levelling the class ability so everyone can follow the each stage at the right intensity for their cycling ability. At the end of each ride, our smart 55 inch Clubhouse Leaderboard screen will email you your personal ride results, and will update your Tour Challenge distance in real-time.



  • The 21 stages are followed in chart form (samples below)
  • Weekdays stages are 45min and weekend stages are 55min
  • During the week, you will have three opportunities a day to complete each stage: At 7am, 12pm and 6.15pm
  • You can complete a stage twice a day and the extra distance will be added to your Clubhouse account
  • To track your cardiovascular performance with a heart rate monitor during each stage, simply link your HR monitor to your Clubhouse account >
  • At the end of each ride, your results will be emailed to you for personal tracking
  • There will be plenty of treats throughout the Challenge
  • The Tour de France 2018 will be broadcast live on the big screen on the Cocktails Terrace

You can also link your smartphone to the bike and watch all your data in real-time and save it for review later on. Simply download the Wattbike Hub from the app store for your device.

Join Challenge

You can also gift the Challenge to a loved one.

Le Tour Gift Card

30-Day Spring Challenge 2018: THE RESULTS


First published: 18 April 2018  Last updated: 1 June 2018

Are you ready to kickstart a stronger, healthier body? Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Commit to doing 30 classes in 30 days.

What does that mean? It means that if you’ve been hibernating like a grumpy old grizzly bear all winter and you’re ready to claim yourself back. Starting Monday 23 April, do (at least!) 30 classes in 30 days.

Here’s how it works: The Spring Challenge goes from Monday 23 April – Wednesday 23 May. Your challenge is to do a minimum of 30 classes by 23 May. Ideally, you would do at least one class every day for 30 days. However, if your schedule does not allow this, then simply do 30 classes in 30 days.

How do I join it?

  • Unlimited Members. Simply click below to login, and select the Challenges tab to join. From your account dashboard you’ll be able to track your progress and ranking, invite friends, update your picture and view the Challenge Leaderboard.
  • Soon-to-be Members. Not an unlimited member yet? You can still join us by clicking here. Get your unlimited £179 membership and do your 30 classes in 30 days (which really means £6/class!), then if you love the new you just keep going or finish your membership after that.

Who’s keeping score? Our brand new, state-of-the-art Interactive Leaderboard will keep track on the number of classes each member takes, and will update the results in real-time.

Get connected. Join on the sociable vibe and stay engaged with challenge posts, daily pics and inspiring quotes.  The Interactive Leaderboard will keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest posts (make sure you tag #somachallenge and/or #somahouse for it go live).

Remember the Spring Challenge 2018 isn’t about overworking and fighting your body, it’s about trying new things, re-focussing on your goals and discovering what your body is truly capable of and what makes you feel good.


5 Ways To Excel Your 30 Day Challenge

Over 60 SOMA members have already joined the Official Spring Challenge 2018, and we’re only on day 2. The Challenge goes from Monday, 23 of April till Wednesday, 23 of May. Our goal: take a minimum of 30 classes by 23rd of May. This is for fellow challengers (hello there!) and for those of you who are still thinking if this craziness would be possible.


Preparation is the key for the Challenge. Look at the class schedule, add the classes you plan on taking to your calendar. For me, if it’s not on my calendar, it won’t happen. Give yourself a visual reminder of your daily commitment to your 30 day Challenge. Take note of any other commitments you have over the 30 days which might make you to skip a day and plan doubles for those weeks. Aim to do 7 classes a week (minimum) so you don’t get too far behind. The weeks you are feeling strong do more so you have some buffer for any days you might miss a class when life happens (or a bank holiday!).

Pack your bag for both SOMA and work the night before with everything you need: toiletries, change of undies, a snack and your water bottle for class. It takes little  extra time each night, but it will save you precious minutes in the morning and eliminated a way to talk yourself out of not going to class.

Finally be kind to yourself. This is a tough challenge. Postpone some work and social commitments and take life back to basics over the next four weeks. Fully cherish this time you are giving investing back in yourself.


Water. Water. Water… and some electrolytes. This tip is especially for the Hot Yoga challengers. Up your water intake during the Challenge so you won’t dehydrate your body. It is important to drink water throughout the entire day before and after your practice. Gulping water between poses will not help you much and might make the class even more difficult as your stomach will be full. Try to drink at least 2,5-4 litres of water before the class and stop drinking excessively 1-2 hours before the class. As we sweat a lot it is important to replenishing any lost sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Add an electrolyte sachets/tablet to your  water or follow my trick to add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and lemon in warm water — cheap DIY electrolyte drink (and makes the hydration tasty). On days you need extra boost add some honey to that drink. Hydration isn’t a choice, it’s a must. As a bonus you might get a pure glowing skin (to match you 30 day challenge smile).

Diet. Your body is pushed during the challenge so make sure you enjoy a balanced diet with protein, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. Up your protein intake and snack on nuts and seeds. As a general guideline you should try not to eat anything substantial two hours prior to your hot class. If you need to eat, stick to a piece of fruit or other small non-salty snack.

Rest. To help muscles recover make sure you rest and sleep enough. Spoil your hard-working body with Epsom salt bath end of each completed week (magic to aching muscles). 


You will feel different each day. Your body will react differently every day, Therefore be flexible and experiment with classes and times you practice if you can. See what is  the best time to practise as it may vary. Maybe it will be easier to get an early morning class or perhaps later evening class will suit some days allowing you to go straight to bed after your hard work.

Try different classes. We are lucky at SOMA to have such a big range of classes and teachers to choose from. Become a ballerina a day or a fierce cyclist. Stretch and strengthen in different yoga classes if you have not done that yet. 

Balance and mix it up. When doing doubles for some of us yoga after TRX might be a good combo and you might find yourself going deeper to postures mentally and physically. For some of us the body heat produced at TRX might be too much for a hot yoga class after and yoga-trx combo might work better for example. Try different combos and see what suits you best. My tactic is to give the body 1 day rest so I do minimum 7 classes in 6 days and have one day rest. Yours might be different. Test it out, see what feels good. And if you have the chance go for yoga elementals SPACE class on Sundays! Your body will need the nurturing yin type yoga to balance all your active yang classes.


Announce it. Tell the word that you are doing the challenge. It won’t only allow you to stick with it and making pulling out less likely, but your friends and family will be incredible aid to help you through. They will hopefully cheer you on, want to hear all your stories and maybe even help out with groceries, child care, you name it so you can take your class.

Your SOMA Community will be in integral part of the challenge experience. We will share the experience together, congratulate each other and push on as a community.  You should also mention to your teacher that you are one of the challengers -we teachers can give you really important advices that you might not normally get day in day out. The whole SOMA team is here to give you support and encouragement when you need it!

Join on the sociable vibe and stay engaged with challenge posts, daily pics and inspiring quotes (add hyperlinks).  The Interactive Leaderboard will keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest posts (make sure you tag #somachallenge and/or #somahouse for it go live).


Going a full circle to my point #1 -be prepared, but be also  ready to be unprepared. Many  surprising physical, mental  things and emotions might come up during the 30 days. In the end it is  a mind game. Take it day by day rather than getting too overwhelmed with 30 days. It is going to be incredible experience that you will  cherish. Just do it.

See you in the mat and my classes and let’s give each other a high five or a secret wink fellow challengers! We got this.

Follow my 30 days challenge on Instagram siru_yoga.

Psst!.. Stay tuned for Challenge update half way through.

Meet Tommy - In 5 weeks reached his first 2018 goal

Meet SOMA member, Tommy Daskus

I know Tommy best by sweating next to him in Dr. Theo’s always epic Monday Hot Detox, 6pm.  After Christmas, he decided to become a SOMA House member and finally put into action what he’d talked about for so long: lose some weight but more importantly increase his feeling of wellbeing.

He joined and jumped right in to all classes before finding his best integrated training plan. We measured his total body composition 5 weeks ago and again last Friday.

The results? Dropped 2.7% body fat (6.9% down from 9.6%) and increased muscle composition by  2.4kg.

The numbers are great, but we care more about his overall mindbody wellbeing. So we spoke with him more to hear about his experience.

What was your personal goal this last month?

My main goal was to lose some of my body fat, and increase my feeling of wellbeing. After 8 weeks of consistency, I have had good results from 9.6 body fat it dropped to 6.9. My second goal I have achieved was to move from the back row to practice in the front, which I am enjoying it so much. The next one is The 30 day Challenge.

What is your typical weekly workout?

During my first month at SOMA house, I have tried out everything from the class menu, for to be able to understand what works best for me, and to pick the classes I love the most, so I can plan my weekly workouts. Monday is my favourite work out day starting with BARRE Ballet Blast and straight after jumping to the hot room for YOGA Hot Detox 26. Tuesday – YOGA Elementals FIRE + PILATES and straight after YOGA Elementals SOUL. Wednesday would choose between TRX, YOGA or CYCLE (in depends on my body and mind), Thursday – YOGA Elementals EARTH, Friday – my favourite YOGA Elementals WATER with Jennifer, Saturday  – YOGA Hot Detox 26, Sunday – rest day. This is the best workout for me and I could see big changes after one month sticking to my plan.

Did you change diet as well or just different work out?

Whenever anyone asks me about the diet, it makes me laugh. I always eat what I want to eat, never count the calories. I am a big fan of Chinese take away, potatoes, biscuits and ice cream. It is genes, as I was born in a sports family: my father is ex professional footballer and mum – ex gymnast.  The combination of my weekly work out is the answer for the results I reached.

How do you balance with work?

Working in retail can be difficult, but I made a commitment to get up early and do the early shifts, so I can make it to the classes. Practicing yoga 5 times a week helped to calm me down in stressful situations with difficult clients and I noticed that I am much calmer in handling those situations stress free since.

Unexpected changes?

I always struggled with Bikram practice. There were times I walked out in the middle of class. Once I was asked to leave the class, as I was having a panic attack. This is so funny now to remember. The day I tried out Dr. Theo’s Detox my mind unexpectedly changed. His way of teaching, excellent music choice made the big change for me.

What is different about SOMA that makes you want to come?

There are many things. I been to different studios around the world, SOMA is my top one. The variety of classes and workouts, the owners of the studio practicing and sweating next to the students, excellent teachers, friendly receptionist, cold face towels, best mango smoothie, cow shed products, waterfall in the hot room and one and only studio when you enter the yellow Labrador Obree comes to meet and greet you. You just feel like at home.

What’s the biggest injury challenge you overcame? What helped?

12 years ago, I was involved in a car accident, which left me with broken bones, slipped disc back pain and difficulty to walk. Strong painkillers was my only solution until I discovered yoga 5 years ago. Hot Yoga helped me to get of the painkillers in 3 months, and back to my normal body with zero pain. It just proves that yoga not only going to make you strong and flexible, but also it can fix you.

When do you feel at your best?

During the yoga practice, I leave the day behind and enjoy the moment of stillness and calmness of my mind.

Most challenging posture?

Standing Head to Knee my most challenging posture, as I do not have a strong back muscles, but I am working on it, and hope that one day this pose will be my most enjoyable pose.

Most enjoyable posture?

Side Crow is the posture I enjoy the most. It helped me to strengthen the arms and improve my balance.

Toe Stand – being a long distance runner previously, I had loads of problems with my knees; practicing Toe Stand helped to strengthen my knees and took the pain away complete.

Barre Leg Workout: The Ballet Jump vs. Fitness Jump

Barre Leg Workout: The Ballet Jump vs. Fitness Jump

Students often ask how to get dancer legs: those long, lean defined muscles that allow for power, speed and grace.

The key is to learn how a dancer’s leg workout differs from your typical gym leg workout. I am passionate about educating people that a dancer’s workout  provides an alternative to regular HIIT.

The fitness industry convinces people that the only way to get a “good workout” is to lift weights and do bootcamp classes with such equipment as kettle bells. They are based on a military style so build the body in that way.

For women who want a more feminine body or men who need to cross-train and balance leg muscles, they need barre. I created barre classes that give you a killer workout without bulking muscles.

Here are barre tips to use in your normal fitness regime. It is used by our members who are weight lifters, do CrossFit, runners, cyclists, hot yogis and dancers as well.

Tip 1: Plié rather than Squat – Protect and strengthen lower back while working gluts and inner thighs

A typical gym squat is done in parallel position and the bum sticks out to the back. In a plié, the body is kept upright, with the core engaged. You work all back muscles to elongate the spine. The legs are turned out which means instead of primarily working the quads, you work the adductors and external rotators under your bum as well as open hips. A plié is a whole body sculpting exercise – legs, back, core – for lengthening muscles rather than bulking.

Tip 2: Straighten Your Legs in Jumps – Prevents bulky legs

Think of your typical gym box jump or Cross-Fit type jumps where knees are kept bent. Or a jumping jack with knees bent. The legs never have to straighten which means the muscles are not elongated.

In ballet and our barre classes, we demand strength in the legs through muscle elongation. This means that students power through the legs to achieve a moment when both legs are straight in the air. This constant repetition of power from plie into straight leg jumps in the air shapes leg muscles like in the video.

 The key is to learn how a dancer's leg workout differs from your typical gym leg workout. I am passionate about educating people that a dancer's workout  provides an alternative to regular HIIT.

Jennifer, SOMA Founder & Coach

Tip 3: Roll through the Feet in Jumps – Protects joints and tones legs

Fitness jumps are done with trainers on and people land on the whole foot. You’re doing this if you hear yourself land. In ballet, no shoes are worn and students must learn to roll through the feet. When you push off the floor for a jump, use the ball of the foot against the floor to power your body in the air.

When you land, think “toe, ball, heel” catching yourself like a car spring. This is like a BMW spring rather than a Ford Escort shock absorber for your joints.

Notice on the video, the soft landing each time.

Tip 4: Point the toes – Works the whole body and strengthens ankles for athletes

In a ballet jump, point the toes in the air. It looks it’s only the foot, but it involves the entire leg and body. To properly point the foot, the dancer extends the whole body towards the ceiling and points the foot in the opposite direction so the body is like a stretched rubber band.

You then work the back, the core and legs. Don’t simply curl the toes under.

In summary, 1) plié with bum underneath you engaging core muscles and lengthening spine, 2) jump in the air and make sure the legs are straight and feet pointed, 3) land softly “toe, ball, heel” to protect the joints.

Top of the Leader Board - Hitomi Kato-Moore

Inspiring Women. Since 1 January, SOMA member Hitomi has taken 46 classes which puts her at the top for most classes completed this month. Typical weekly workout includes Cycling, TRX, Hot Yoga and Barre.

What’s your secret to making time for training?

I’ve put training in the same category as drinking water, it’s my human necessity. Just as I don’t question taking big gulps of water when I get thirsty, I don’t make training ‘a thing’.

Favourite class/es?

Cycling! Soul Yoga! Hot Yoga! And And all of Vanessa‘s classes she adds so much soul to every class!

Most challenging part of training?

For me it’s about respecting the pose, movement. Doing things properly instead of rushing through them. I really struggle with Savasana because I want to be the first one in the shower!

How does your body and mind feel after training?

Pure love! Self love, life love, all beings love.

Most surprising result of training?

That I am more powerful than I think … whenever I push myself past what my mind limits me too I think ‘jeeze I’m powerful!’

 I've put training in the same category as drinking water, it's my human necessity.

Hitomi Kato-Moore

SOMA House Member: Dr. Helen Kim

SOMA House unveils the fierce grace of our women members who prove that what you will, you can become and what strength you desire you already embody.

What personal milestone have you achieved this SOMA term?

I’ve learned that I like hot yoga! This is a personal milestone for me because I never liked it before and would start to panic in the heat. Now, I feel like I’ve achieved something significant in being able to withstand the heat and in enjoying the practice!

Give three words that describe SOMA.

Excellence, dedication, process/practice. I think SOMA is really about developing a practice or a set of practices rather than solely focusing on one’s goals.

How do you feel after a SOMA workout?

After a SOMA workout, I feel really elevated . Moreover, I feel incredibly grounded. Finally, I felt energised.

After a SOMA workout, I feel really elevated. Moreover, I feel incredibly grounded. Finally, I felt energised.

Dr. Helen Kim

My training

Mondays  | Hot Detox 26
Tuesdays  |  TRX Spartan or Yoga Elementals Soul
Wednesdays  |  TRX Yoga Core
Fridays  |  Barre for Athletes
Sundays  |  Yoga Elementals WATER and Yoga Elementals SPACE

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