St Paddy's Day Smoothie - Filling like Guiness only it's good for you.

It’s St. Paddy’s Day 🍀

Trade in the post-workout beer for our Muscle Power Superfoods Shake. The super strong protein shake to recover from a hard workout (or late night!).

There’s nothing better after a hard workout then a creamy smoothie full of nutrients and muscle-building power.

Our nutritionists designed our Muscle Power shake to give you that recovery edge to stay strong. Students have rated it as the best protein shake in London.

It includes two high quality vegan proteins, three energising superfoods and peanut butter. And unlike most other places, we use high quality unprocessed raw peanut butter.

It has no added sweetners or sugars so just raw goodness!

What classes is this smoothie best for?

Great after double classes, cycling or TRX. Your SOMA Coaches Theo, Asaf, Rory and Marianna regularly have this for lunch or post-class.

Can I use it as a meal replacer?

Yes, as it has essential nutrients for days when you are on the go or prefer to have a lighter meal that is easy to digest.

Want Glowing Skin? Try Our Antioxidant Smoothie!

Did you know that our Forever Beautiful Shake is also called the Antioxidant Superfood?

Yes, that’s right, get your beauty skin prescription to enrich the benefits of your workout.  

We all want beautiful, glowing skin and what better way then sweating out toxins, cleaning the skin and then nourishing your body from the inside out.

How does it help skin?

When you eat the correct balance of foods and feed your body the vital nutrients it needs to help it stay healthy, your skin will be clearer and glowing, your hair will be shinier and your nails will be stronger.

This is due to the miracle workers for youthful and healthy skin: antioxidants, the most important ones being vitamin A, C and E.

We packed our Forever Beautiful full of these as well as high levels of super-molecules from acai berries, maqui, acerola, maca, chia seeds and blueberries. We combined this with coconut water to rehydrate the skin as well after sweaty classes.

Which classes is it best after?

Your body is especially primed to absorb nutrients after a hot yoga session given we usually say not to eat 2-3 hours before a class and then you sweat and drink water during class giving your body a cleansing period.

Follow this up with a shower to wash away the toxins that came out during class and then give back to the body the highest level of nutrients in smoothie form so it’s easy to digest. The body can stay in a resting period without trying to immediately process food.

It’s like fine-tuning your body so it can absorb and accept the nutrients you need immediately post-workout.

How do I get it?

Just pre-order it at reception when you sign in for class. Unlimited members get a discount.


Valentine's Superfood Shake of the Week: Chocolate Lover's

Yes, you can enjoy chocolate AND get superfood nutrients.

This week we highlight our Chocolate Lover’s Superfood Smoothie. A creamy blend of Cacao, Carob, Coconut, Chia Seeds and Lucuma fruit. This SOMA speciality is high in antioxidants, Omega 3, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Copper that boost your energy, increase your immunity and supports your digestion. More importantly, it tastes delicious!

It’s our FEEL GOOD MIX so treat yourself this week and indulge in a unique superfood shake experience.

Benefits: Boosts energy, increases immunity, supports digestion, curbs your cravings and boosts your mood.

Members £6, order before or after class

SOMA’s superfood shakes are 100% Certified Organic, raw, vegan, natural and free from gluten, soy, artificial colours, GMO and additives.