TheoKoutroukides, PhD.

Dr. Theo is the SOMA House co-founder and a biotechnology scientist having completed his doctorate in schizophrenia work at the University of Cambridge. He previously conducted cancer research in the US and shark research in South Africa. His first leadership role dates back to 1998, being a military police officer in the Cyprus Army. He has sat on the boards of various health and academic start-ups before founding ETHOS and SOMA House.

Since 1994, Theo has been involved in international competitive rowing and competed as a semi-pro cyclist in the US under Olympic coaching. While sports has always been Theo’s core pursuit, he diversified academically as a graduate of Imperial College (London, UK), Singularity University (NASA, Silicon Valley), Trinity College of Music (London, UK) and Bikram Yoga College of India (Los Angeles, USA).

Theo discovered hot yoga after multiple cycling injuries led to spine surgery. After rehabilitating his spine over the last decade, he now maintains his health combining hot yoga, TRX and cycling as well as spending time with his baby girl Aria and yellow lab Obree. Theo is nowadays committing all his time in sharing his experience on the importance of marrying sports, yoga and cross-training into a unified strong mental discipline.