A True Independent.

As founders of SOMA, we welcome you to our Shoreditch clubhouse. We created this space from our own training backgrounds and our combined 50+ years across the yoga, sports, fitness and academia worlds.

The idea originated when we met in Cambridge completing our PhD and MPhil degrees in biotechnology and Indian Philosophy/Sanskrit. We wanted a space to train the way we wanted to and could not find one. In short, we couldn’t find intelligent training.

So, we created our own new approach: SOMA, the School of Mindbody Athletics. Our speciality is in what we call FusionX Training: a new way to cross-train based on 4 curated training plans: Sparta Strength, Ballerina Long & Lean, Hot Yogi and the Cyclist.  

Everything you practice at the studio represents an aspect of our own training albeit to improve fitness levels, heal injuries or recover mentally and physically. Now married (and with a 2 year old and yellow lab), we still practice daily. You’ll see us in classes right beside you sweating it out. 

In the end, the aim is to offer East London and the City, another space or as sociologist, Ray Oldenburg  calls it, a third space where people meet to unwind, discuss and talk about things that matter to them, their neighbourhood and their community, where they can let down their guard, relax, be themselves, develop new friendships and deepen existing ones.

We aren’t just a gym or a yoga studio. We are a lifestyle that feels like coming home; a hidden sanctuary in Old Spitalfields Market for you to escape and find the quiet, the passion, the authentic moment. 

Step inside and join our health revolution.

Jennifer Hersch & Dr. Theo Koutroukides