The FITLAB™ Body Composition Scan goes beyond traditional composition analysis measuring fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. A full scan includes bone density and basal metabolic rate to track changes in medical, wellness and fitness contexts and optimise response of nutrition and exercise.


The FITLAB™ Biomechanics test accurately measures incremental changes in motor sensory control, muscular strength and endurance, speed ability and flexibility. This allows to track progress regularly and ensure training needs are met.


Through Dr. Theo’s collaborations with scientific laboratories globally over the last two decades, FITLAB™ Biochemicals offer a broad range of services from tracking stress through cortisol levels to analysing the gut’s microbiome and identifying body toxicities and allergies to manage effectively your total wellbeing.


The FITLAB™ Genetics test is incorporating established technologies to assess how your genes affect your fitness and nutrition. Using personalised genetic information allows to unlock your full health potential reducing guesswork.


Eating the right food can help you exercise more effectively. The FITLAB Nutrition service offers expert advice on what to eat before, during, after a workout and how to take control of your long-term health.