Our plan will help you build a great foundation of fitness, whether you’re starting from scratch or have already been riding frequently for years. It is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and develop a basic to moderate rate level of sustained power, also called your ENGINE. Follow this framework for the next 12 weeks and focus on a few fundamental guidelines.


If you’re a BEGINNER and haven’t done a lot of miles yet, join us but only do 50% of the recommended WEEKLY Training Volume.


Sit down with your personal work and lifestyle CALENDAR (if you have one) and integrate your SOMA training sessions. BEFORE you start with the 12 weeks!​


Work on being as CONSISTENT as possible. The foundation for that is LESS IS MORE, meaning be realistic with the training VOLUME you start off with. If you’re just starting off aim to complete 3-4 workouts/week, if you’re more used to training then you can aim for more. Every workout you do is a WIN.


WRITE down 2x Personal Goals + 1x Reward for completing this program. One should be a short-term goal (1-4 weeks) and the other one a long-term goal (3-6months). It’s important that you set these BEFORE you start this journey and use them as inspiration, especially when the going gets tougher! Stick them up on a wall in your training area, so you can see them every day and use them as reminders of why you’ve committed to what you’re doing.


Don’t quit. Ever.

OK, I've set my goals. Now...


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