Riding to the beat on a Wattbike.




Get fired up riding to the music.

It’s time to forget about your numbers and just ride. In our Winter Training plan, week four is dedicated to just having fun and relaxing the mind to learn a different form of recovery with our Free Ride.  

Enjoy special music mixes and matching your RPM with the beat. It should develop an internal rhythm of an embodied awareness of what each RPM feels like rather than having to check the number on your bike. 

By using the beat to feel each increased RPM, you may find an easier method to increase speed that is not just about the muscles but an intuitive sense of pace driven by a feeling or mental drive to hit the right tempo. It could mean the difference between being a natural rider versus a forced rider both indoors and outdoors.

And it’s a perfect time to try our SOMA cycle classes if you felt intimidated to cross the cycle room threshold – come and join us for some cycle beats. All you have to do is find the rhythm.

The Free Ride stage is perfectly placed as it’s right after the Race Week and just before our Hell Week where you compete for most distance on our Leaderboard and just after three weeks of intense training. We hope you enjoy the variety and should you have a musical request,  just let us know here!

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