Fusion classes. The benefits.




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SOMA’s METHOD all about Fusion Training

We believe in curated cross-training and for our cyclists, this means we offer Pilates for cyclists, Yoga for cyclists and Strength training for cyclists. 

We also know many cyclists lack time, so we optimised your hour workout with fusion classes. Try the below for the days you need to get a ride in plus strength work. 

Cycle x Pilates

with Dr. Theo & Dr. Vanessa | Wednesdays 12pm

This class is a perfect combo to burn your legs, get your cardio and then micro target muscle groups for the core, back and upper body with Pilates work. It’s about fine-tuning muscle groups while still getting that cycle burn. 

Cycle x Upper Body 

with Dr. Theo | Tuesdays 6:45pm

Join our regulars for an evening cycle into TRX upper body and core work. It’s the perfect total body workout to keep you challenged and keep you coming again and again. 

Cycle x Commando 

with Dr. Theo | Wednesdays 6:15pm

What better way to spice up your mid-week then to take a ride that leads right into our military bootcamp workout.  You’ll be sure to sweat, laugh and smile through tough drills. 

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